How we can help you...

Our AI can get you a 50%+ response rate on web leads before your staff does 1 second of work... but how?

AI Texting Follow Up

Our AI sends polite text message introductions to your web leads within moments of their submission. Response rates on these messages routinely exceed 50%

AI Email Follow Up

If leads don't have a text enabled number or don't respond to text our AI can send them polite follow up emails. These messages routinely boost response rates another 10-20%

Voice Call Follow Up

We provide "click to call" follow up lists of the leads who haven't replied to text or email so your team can focus their calls on leads that haven't been in touch yet.

Complete Analytics

We measure everything for you and provide all the Key Performance Indicators in one page reports delivered to your inbox daily, weekly, or monthly.

Why SendSmart?

We believe your communications with customers should be simple, quick, fun, and lucrative.

Too many businesses have separate tools for SMS, Voice, Email and Social Messaging. This causes all kinds of problems but THE most damaging problem is that it allows web leads to slip through the cracks.  Web leads are the lifeblood of your sales and most customers first interaction with you and your brand. Making sure you connect with every single web lead is our focus, because increasing your web lead response rate can generate thousands of dollars in additional sales EACH DAY!

Whether a particular lead prefers Text Messaging, Email, Voice Calling or Social Messaging... we don't care... and neither should you. We reach out to them via multiple channels and then connect them with you right away when they are ready to do business.

  • Profitable - Doubles your web lead response rate in 1 day

  • Integrated - works with all major automotive CRM's.

  • Simple - We don't offer training because you don't need it.

    The Short Life of an Online Sales Lead
    -Harvard Study

    Click here to read this Harvard Business Review study that highlights how important it is for your organization to connect with web leads ASAP.

    Want 100x results?
    reply in 5 minutes
    -MIT Study

    Click here to read this famous lead response study conducted by a professor from MIT highlighting the importance of connecting with leads in the first 5 minutes or less.

    9 of 10 Consumers prefer Texting - Forrester

    Click here to read this Forrester research report that shows 9 out of every 10 consumers want to text with businesses.