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Dialing for Dollars Made Easy!

No more making calls and then logging calls in a separate system. SendSmart empowers you and your team to launch “click to call” campaigns that connect you directly with hundreds or thousands of customers quickly + easily in a single day.  Using the customizable filtering system you will be able to tailor your campaign to a specific groups that welcome your call.  Don't waste your customers time or yours. Connect with the right people, the right way, at the right time using SendSmart. 

  • Create custom calling lists in seconds
  • Keep track of your activity and call backs
  • Optionally record conversations for training + review
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Make warm calls

By creating filtered groups you can target your calls to the people who want to hear from you right now.  Use existing data about things like which customer made a purchase around this time last quarter?  Who has a birthday coming up?  Get connected with the people who are ready to buy now, and welcome your call.  

Attract, don't annoy

SendSmart's safe limits ensure you don’t repeatedly contact the same people.  Your customers don’t like that, and it’s a waste of your time.  With safe limits, targeting, and filters you and your organization can be polite, and occasional with your marketing, at any scale.  

Look before launch

With an omni channel threaded chat history you can see the context + content of past interactions with your customers, whether you reached out or someone else did, and when.  No one likes being on either end of marketing that isn't well targeted. With SendSmart you get connected with the right customer, at the right time.