Why you should care if your software is made and supported in the USA

SendSmart software is made in the USA

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Our lead engagement platform made in the USA
This is an actual screen shot of our software
Offshore software screenshot example

Lead management not made in the USA
This is the kind of 1990’s style software you get when using offshore and/or unskilled developers.  

At SendSmart® we provide software that makes connecting with potential customers simple, easy and fun; and in order to achieve that goal we only work with experienced developers in the USA.  Our support team is also based in the USA.

When working with software developers in other countries what’s lost in translation is typically the user experience.  While there are offshore developers that are talented, they would be the first to tell you that making software for people in a different language/country is challenging. The way the offshoring process typically works is a vendor gives the offshore developer a project with specifics and they deliver EXACTLY what's specified, that’s a recipe for software that’s cumbersome to use and wastes clients time.  Having bad software is expensive, your business can miss opportunities every day that are hidden in bad users interfaces, experience higher turnover when your employees despise the tools they use at work, and make poor business decisions because you don’t have precise analytics on the most important KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) for your business. 

Instead, we work with only senior software developers in the US to ensure they not only deliver technology solutions that work, but that are also simple, easy and fun to use.  Our senior developers that runs our AI has a PhD in Pattern Recognition Computer Science.  Most other vendors are simply not investing in their technical team at that level.  When you hire SendSmart® you’re hiring an expert team obsessed with making you and your team more money with less work, and even a bit of fun.