Email Marketing

Email marketing is about starting conversations, not blasting out newsletters.  Emails that work are  personalized, relevant and timely. SendSmart empowers two way conversations with your customers, rather than “blasting” them, that’s ineffective and sometimes even offensive to customers... if it even gets delivered. 

  • Personalized and relationship focused
  • Measurable through SendSmart’s analytics
  • Unlimited contact uploads
  • Sending emails is free
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Mobile + Email

 According to a study done by IDC, checking your email on your smartphone is the most popular thing to do at 78%, and 79% of those surveyed reach for their phone within 15 minutes of waking up. Knowing the trends will help in finding the best times to send your messages.  


SendSmart’s email can be accessed from your desktop, and from any mobile device including smartphones and tablets. Our Mobile application will send push notifications to your smartphone.