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Bring all of your business communications together in one simple platform

Cloud Based

Connecting with people is always done best in person. SendSmart keeps you and your team mobile with an all cloud solution you can access from iOS, Droid, tablets or desktop.  

Omni Channel

All sent and received messages are united in one simple omni channel platform. Each contact has a threaded chat log of all communications via Voice, SMS, Email and Social. 

Advanced Filters

SendSmart’s advanced filtering allows you to make custom fields to track the data your business needs, and sort customer records anytime + anyway you’d like.    

Complete Analytics

Every campaign is tracked to give you advanced analytics + insight into what messages are connecting with your audience on what channel.  

Why SendSmart?

Our mission @ SendSmart is to make communications on every channel simple, quick, fun, and lucrative for businesses of all sizes.

Most companies have what amounts to “file cabinets” storing all their customer data in different places... whether that’s in spreadsheets, locked in apps, legacy CRM or even actual paper forms... that data is static.  It’s not making any money, it’s not information... it just sits there as an under utilized resource.

With SendSmart your business can sync + import all this data quickly and easily in any format.  You can sort, search and organize it anyway you’d like.  Then put that information to work right away contacting customers, building relationships and revenue.  All while your competitors scratch their heads wondering how you are selling more, faster with fewer people.

  • Try before you buy, no contract or setup costs

  • All cloud based with no hardware to purchase 

  • Works securely on any internet device (BYOD)

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    Crush Leads

    Crush leads with SendSmart! Your business is already using webforms to collect lead information, but how are you making sure to be timely in contacting the lead. Studies show that the lead starts to go cold after only 4 minutes. With SendSmart’s platform your forms will feed directly in and launch an individualized personal campaign immediately using SMS, email, voice or a combination. 

    Engage Old Clients

    Using SendSmart’s advanced filters you can create a messaging  campaign to talk to customers that you haven’t talked to in awhile. Each contact put into the system has a messaging dashboard that allows you to see the last communication and helps SendSmart know when it is time to contact them again. 

    Infinite Uses 

    There are endless possibilities when messaging clients. Here are some industries and ways that they use messaging. 

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