Text Message Marketing

94% of SMS messages are read within an hour.  That’s powerful, but customers won't tolerate SMS blasting.  They will only welcome SMS if the messages are polite, timely, come from a real person, are personalized and only sent occasionally.  SendSmart helps your business do SMS right, drive revenue but avoid upsetting your audience.  

  • Easily target niche markets
  • Send personalized and relevant messages 
  • Built-in opt-out feature
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SMS is Effective

Thoughtful text messages can be a very successful marketing tool. When done right, they have an open rate of nearly 100% and response rates well over 50%. 

Engaged Marketing

It’s all about them.  With SendSmart you can easily target groups and start conversations with customers about what they want, and when they want it.  Marketing used to be about blasting, and now it's about engaging.  We help your business make that transition simple, + easy.  

Custom SMS Campaigns

Text messaging can be used in so many creative ways.  Instead of blasting one message out to everyone, with SendSmart, your business can always be running targeted micro marketing campaigns to the customers who are ready to hear from you... that you haven’t spoken to lately.