SendSmart Solutions.

Unified communication platform in the cloud


Send personalized text messages to your leads using a local phone number.  


SendSmart empowers personalized two way email conversations to engage your leads one on one.  


Call leads right from your SendSmart account.


Import and message your social media contacts. 

Text Messaging

Text messaging is a huge part of today’s communications. There are so many ways to use it. With SendSmart you can use filters to create the perfect text campaign to your customers.  

Communications + CRM

Many businesses have some sort of CRM but they use it as Customer Record Management... not Customer Relationship Management.  With communications baked right in along with simple CRM capabilities businesses can search, sort, organize and engage with customers all from one simple platform.  Want to sync up with SalesForce or other CRM... no problem!  


Voice Campaigns

Sometimes the best way to get a hold of a customer is by using the phone. No worries... with SendSmart you can make a call directly from your smartphone, tablet or even right from your desktop!

  • Easily create voice campaigns
  • Automatically keeps track of your activity
  • Compare your response rate using analytics

Social Media Integration


Easily sync and send messages to all of your social media contacts using the SendSmart platform.